In a passive world, these stock pickers are thriving.

In today’s investment landscape, where passive, low-cost vehicles like ETFs dominate, a select few managers stand out, thriving amidst this passive trend. Verus Financial takes pride in hiring exceptional talent and are firm believers that active managers can still add significant value, as exemplified by two of their esteemed equity managers who have been recently recognized by Bloomberg for consistently delivering alpha (returns greater than the market).



Firstly, Ken Jesudian, the co-founder of Crimson Asset Management, manages the Verus US Small to Mid-Cap Equity Strategy. This portfolio focuses on targeting undervalued small to mid-capitalization companies in the U.S.. Jesudian’s portfolio, launched in 2018, has achieved a stellar average annual return of 10.2%, nearly doubling the performance of the Russell 2000 Index, showcasing his expertise at picking winning positions.

His approach is grounded in rigorous fundamental research, emphasizing un-indexing or looking different than the market – as Ken said, “we don’t care about looking different than the index, we actually wear it like a badge of honor.” Furthermore, Jesudian maintains a highly concentrated portfolio of 20 carefully selected companies, facilitating in-depth analysis and unwavering conviction in his investment decisions.


Nadim Rizk, founder and chief executive officer of PineStone Asset Management Inc., during an interview in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024. Photographer: Nasuna Stuart-Ulin/Bloomberg


Nadim Rizk, founder of PineStone Asset Management Inc., has developed a flagship portfolio specializing in global equities. Since its inception in 2009, Rizk’s fund has achieved an impressive average annual return of 15.4%, consistently surpassing the MSCI World Index.

His strategy emphasizes investing in a concentrated selection of high-quality companies for the long term, focusing on competitive advantages, market leadership, attractive industries with growth potential, strong balance sheets, and favorable valuations.


Verus Financial specializes in bringing together a diverse array of boutique, top-tier managers, each specializing in their unique market niche. This approach allows them to maintain an unbiased perspective in investment management and portfolio construction. At the end of the day, they hold our managers accountable for delivering alpha. If a manager doesn’t deliver, they proactively make changes.

Their third-party managers offer the apex in portfolio management, focusing on high conviction, concentrated strategies anchored in robust and enduring fundamentals. These strategies are designed to weather market irrationalities and deliver consistent returns, ensuring the long-term success of their clients’ investment portfolios.

To learn more about how they can add value and help you and your family achieve your investment objectives, contact them today!

Ken Gordon

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